Asus Maximus VIII Ranger & Deepcool 120T cpu Liquid Cooler

my pc specs:
motherboard and cpu cooler are as mentioned in the title
16gb ram(8*1 corsair vengence 2300mhz and 8*1 gskill rampage 5th gen 2300mhz)
1tb seagate hdd, 252 or 256gb samsung 830 series ssd
i7 6700k . not overclocked

its a new pc using since jan 16 and i have bin struggling cpu cooler that doesnt work properly. it suddenly stops working when i cleanly shutdown my pc ( not everytime. once in 2 or 3 weeks). cpu temperatures hits to 60 n 80c. thats obviously. the breathing light on cpu cooler works and led fan works perfectly. after one day i turned on my pc and it worked perfectly . i didnt do anything. it stopped working automatically and then worked perfectly automatically. few weeks later it again stopped working and it didnt worked after a day and i reset my bios and it worked. then again stopped working now and it neva worked again by reseting bios or downgrading my bios or by reinstalling the cooler again... nothing.

i returned the product and claimed for the replacement and they found it working perfectly on their pc. im damned ! whats wrong with my cooler or wrong with my motherboard ?

i did checked by removing one 8*1 ram and it didnt worked either. i checked the cpu fan pins and its flawless. its a new pc. no dust or wat so ever. i maintained it so good,

now they are returning my cooler back to me. what should i do. its a good nd well suited cooler for my pc but its not working now. any help ?
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  1. as no one is free to answer my probel mi request te moderators to delete my post . im no more following to this thread.
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