Date and time resets on pc upon startup

Ok, for some time by now my pc is lagging really hard and my network icon went invisible.When i restart my pc the date changes aswell.I have reinstalled windows and bought new battery for BIOS,but the problem persists.I have disambled Superfletch,WinUpdate and WinSearch in order to check if it will fix the problem,but no use of that...I forgot to mention that when I start the pc the BIOS beebs two times and it shows me black screen that is checking for hardware or sometimes blue screen.
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    google your motherboard vendors name + bios beep codes to find out what two beeps means. you could also look here:

    something like a parity error could be something simple like a loose hard drive data cable (bad connection) or a actual hardware failure. A failure in bios migh reset it and clear the date and time.
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