New PC Build: CPU and Boot Device LED stay red

So I have an Asus Z-170A motherboard and upon booting it up, there are a couple of problems. First,the DRAM LED turns red and then off, followed by the same action by the VGA LED. After a couple of beeps, both the BOOT DEVICE and CPU LED turn red and stay red. I've tried reseating the RAM, the CPU, and the graphics card but nothing seems to change. Thank you for your help.
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  1. 1| When dealing with troubleshooting threads, it's a good idea to include your full system's specs inclusive of your OS.

    2| Have you made sure your BIOS is up to date?

    3| Try and remove your CMOS battery and replace after 15 minutes and see if it changes anything.

    4| You may want to bread board your system and see if the LED's are lit up as stated above.
    Breadboarding, stripping it down to the basics for troubleshooting
    If you have to read this, something is very wrong with your PC such that you need to fully troubleshoot your system at the most basic hardware level, Breadboarding. A little background: breadboards were what we called our lab equipment in electronics... Read More
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