Good router for streaming movies, gaming, surfing the web, downloading, and for multiple devices?

So I am currently using a shitty LinkSys e-1000 which is finally dying. I need a router asap that can hold up for gaming and everything else I've mentioned in the title. That being said, whats the best bang for the buck router out there from the price range of $60-$200? I have currently 10+ devices hooked up to one. Please state the name and link me to them if possible. I'd truly appreciate it. Thank you! :)
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    Hey pal! As you are willing for more bandwidth, you need to choose for 5GHz powered routers.
    Take a look at this router: (TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750).
    This router has more features to customize/provide wide range of bandwidth to many devices connected and also, it has 3 external and internal antennas with a single-cored processor which obviously provides perfect generation of signals to your devices. :) -THANK YOU
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