Should I change my Thermal paste with MX4? Will it make a difference?

I am in India. Few months my laptop started overheating. Temps reached 102°C before my laptop Dell L502x turn off instantly.
Since cleaning heatsink didn't work, I thought of repasting heatsink. I searched for Arctic MX4 and Silver 5. I didn't find it anywhere else, even Amazon-India and Ebay-India, listed it as Out of Stock.
So I bought CoolerMaster E1 and pasted it. Now my temps are 55°C at idle and 67°C at load reaches max of 82°C on WatchDogs.
Arctic MX4 recently came available and bought it haste...
So my question is whether to change CM E1 with Arctic MX4. It was 6months since I repasted it.
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    If the addition of the new thermal compound you applied to the cpu lowered the load temp of the cpu.
    I would leave it a bit.

    Thermal compound takes a good few hours or weeks to reach it`s optimal working capacity.

    For example As 5 thermal cpu compound takes up to 200 hrs before it fully cures and becomes it`s most efficient at cooling Imran.

    It will be the same for the MX4 you have applied, six months though is well enough time for MX4 compound to fully cure.
    Silver 5 may do a slightly better job, but you may only see a 2c to 4c drop in cpu temps if you use it.
  2. If it were old crappy paste on there now, the answer would be yes. However, the coolermaster paste is fine, and you wont see more than a degree or 2 between most top pastes. If you want to get every last bit out of your cooling, there are a lot of things that will help a lot more than paste selection.
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