first time overclocking,need advice

Hey guys,I have a Gigabyte windforce r9 380 4gb.Stock core is 970 memory 1425.I decided to try my hand at overclocking using afterburner and the heaven benchmark for testing.
I got it up to 1050 core and 1465 memory with no artifacts and temperature maximum of 66c with the fan at 65%.I decided to push a little further and jumped to 1600 on the memory.this is what I'm not understanding,my scores got worse.
1050/1465 score was 1850(high preset,AA and tessellation off,1080p)fps of 73.4..bumping the memory to 1600 dropped my score to 1697 fps 67.4.No artifacts or overheating occurred (67c).
Is there something I could be doing wrong?
Ps- my stock scores were 1783,70.8fps
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    When increasing the memory clock to 1600 did you keep the core clock at the previous max of 1050?

    FWIW memory clock doesn't yield much in performance increases, I hardly bother trying to max it anymore when dialing in a GPU.
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