HELP My Monitor will turn off and my keyboard and mouse stop working

I have a problem when I play CS:GO on my computer my monitor will turn off and my keyboard and mouse will stop working but my computer stays on, the only way to fix it temporarily is by restarting my computer

I would really like it if you helped I would appreciate it

Graphics Card: GeForce 9800 GT

Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor

8 GB of ram

Windows 10

Unaware of the motherboard
Im Pretty sure it is from MSI though
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  1. You're probably experiencing a graphic card overheating or out of range overclocking freeze :some video cards have the capability (probably facilitated by their software and drivers) to re-initialize themselves going back to default settings (especially if run at special gaming settings) resulting in crashing up of the running game and restoring the display ( at least older generation of AMD cards had the ability to do that), other cards like in your case get stuck and could only be reinitialized by restarting the computer, mine for example : ASUS Matrix Platinum R9 290X when extremely overclocked even without gaming load would freeze giving out a black screen on running non responsive system but has a special emergency button to it that re-initializes the card to it's default settings without having to restart the computer.
    Also make sure to rule out a hardware installation issue: make sure memory and video card are clean, Video card well sit in the PCIe slot and not sagging much, and have adequate power supply (Direct connections from PSU which has enough juice for the card), it helps to test hardware on a different PC.
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