Need help upgrading my pc for CS:GO

Okay, I play CS:GO almost exclusively. My current specs are:
CPU: AMD Athlon X4 760K
GPU: R9 270X

So, when i first built it in 2015, it was completely fine on CS:GO. But there have been lots of updates and it has made my performance completely drop. I might get 150 fps in spawn then it drops to 80 around smokes. I've tried everything I know in-game to try and limp it as long as I can. But i know my CPU is bottlenecking and holding back my GPU. I was looking to upgrading both to an Intel Pentium G3258 ( and this motherboard ( and put the Hyper 212 Evo cooler and overclocking the CPU. I was wondering if this would be a good upgrade for CS:GO. I picked these parts because I can upgrade the CPU in the future because the socket is future-proof pretty much. How will this CPU and Motherboard be with my GPU? Thank you!
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    The G2358 is an excellent overclocker, although you'll want a Z170 based motherboard to get the most out of it. You might experience some slight bottlenecking with the Pentium, but you should be OK.
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