Lag spikes in every game, and gpu at 50-55° C with almost all applications closed.

Hi, I recently had a problem of lag I never had since I bought this pc: yesterday I started Overwatch and I noticed constant spikes of lag I didn't have the day before.
I checked into the case and I've seen a lot of dust between the radiator (the CPU is water cooled) and the fan, I removed the dust from the radiator and also some from the graphic card (without opening it, just the dust I found on the fans).
After booting my pc and retrying everything was ok again, but after a few minutes of gaming (cs:go high settings) the lag came back.
Opening GPU Tweak I noticed I have a gpu temp of 54° C (with only chrome opened) when not playing and a temp of 81° C when playing overwatch.
Also the gpu clock is at a constant 1006 Mhz when on the desktop.
Is it normal?
What's the problem? Thank, you in advance.

My specs:
CPU: i5 4440
GPU: gtx 760 2GB OC
mobo: z87-hd3 Gigabyte
RAM: 8gb ddr3
OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit
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  1. 81c is high enough to throttle and cause lag, how is your airflow? ambient temp? try using a custom fan curve with MSI afterburner to see if it still does it while the temps are down !
  2. Hi ty for the fast answer, but before trying what you say I need to know if 44° is good (all applications closed) cause I reinstalled graphics drivers and now the temps lowered as well as the clock which now is 135 Mhz.

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I figured out what was happening to my GPU: I don't know exactly why but the problem was the desktop capture function in Shadowplay. When, after reinstalling drivers, I decided to toggle it back on, the graphics card clock went back to 1006 Mhz so I guess the problem was Shadowplay, even though I don't know why.
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    yes 40-45c is normal for a card on idle
  4. Thank you really much! Bye
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