4-Pin PWM Male to Standard 3-Pin Fan Female

I'm trying to test (not very scientifically) a number of fans outside the case using a NZXT Sentry 2 Touch Screen Fan Controller Meter. This has a number of 3 pin female (enclosed) connectors and 4 pin molex connectors (2 actual pins and 2 empty slots inside the molex head).

I have 4 pin PWM fans that I want to connect to the controller. I've found this:
Fan 4-Pin PWM to 3-Pin Sleeved Adapter Cable
but ideally I want to find something closer to UK without high shipping times/cost. I also would prefer not to cut the 3 pin connector plastic. Does anyone know of anything suitable?
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    Your problem, as I understand, is you don't want to damage the 3-pin male connectors from the NZXT unit by cutting the plastic shroud surrounding the 3 pins. I think you already realize that any 4-pin male fan connector can plug into any 3-pin female fan connector. You don't need any special adapter; I recommend you simply need one cheap 3-pin fan extension cable like this:

    Its female end will plug into any NZXT unit's 3-pin output, and the cable's male end does NOT have the surrounding shroud to interfere with connecting the 4-pin fan female. I realize the link is a firm in the USA, but I'm sure you can find something comparable in the UK.

    A 4-pin PWM design fan CAN be controlled by a 3-pin fan header operating in Voltage Control Mode. When the 4-pin fan fails to receive the PWM signal on Pin #4, it simply runs at whatever speed results from the variable voltage supplied on Pin #2. The only thing you can't do with this arrangement is do an actual test of PWM operation, since your NZXT controller does not have those outputs.
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