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I recently purchased a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD for my new build computer. I wanted to install two separate drives, one for boot applications and Windows and one for data storage. I recently became aware of the "PRO" version of these drives. Would there be any issues with running two different versions of this drive? Will the EVO version hamper the performance of the PRO drive?

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  1. There should not be any issues when two different solid state drives are installed in one computer, The Samsung 850 EVO models will not hamper the performance of the 850 Pro models. In fact, some technical reviews suggest the 850 EVO may perform just as well and sometimes a little better in synthetic benchmark tests. Most consumers and gamers will not notice any performance difference during routine mainstream use. A very heavy workload would be required in order to notice a performance difference. The vast majority of users do not do anything involving a heavy workload.
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    As was already mentioned you should not have any issues with those two drives installed. I am using an 840 Pro as my OS drive and have an 850 EVO as a storage drive and have not had any issues with performance or any other issues with both drives installed.
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