Corsair H110i GTX or NZXT Kraken X61??

Well it came to my mind that my final 2 choices for a liquid cpu cooler was the corsair h110i gtx and the nzxt kraken x61..
So which is better for overclocking performance, cooling performance and noise??
Corsair cooler:
NZXT cooler:

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  1. Arctic Liquid freezer 240 :)
    It's cheaper, performs better, works quiter.
    And it comes with 4 fans. you can leave the radiator with two and use other two somewhere else

    here is the relevant info:
  2. Best answer
    Swiftech H220 X2. Same price (or cheaper), better performing, expandable.

    We seem to do this same exercise every day for at least 2-3 different comparisons.
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