Black screen in game after stress test


Thought I'd give a try at overclocking my gpu, I followed the guide here:


for my graphics card which is Gigabyte 980ti as found here:


I overclocked to the clocks that the link on the guide recommended core clock at +155mhz and memory at +350mhz using MSI afterburner.
I did a few runthroughs of Valley which was fine then left firestrike ultra on a loop for 2 hours, everything was fine and temps only got to low 70's.

Playing Witcher3 though I've had a few black screens and had to restart the computer, what's the most likely part of the overclock that could be causing this?
Core clock, mem clock, core voltage?

Cheers :)
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    Try core & then mem one at at time. Also give the voltage a small increase. I always like to set my fan profile to be at max by the time 60C is reached. This will only happen when I really can't hear the fans anyway.(gaming with headset on)
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