RAID 0 With 2 SSDs Failed Twice

So I've been using a configuration of two Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSDs in RAID 0 for the past couple of months. And for some reason, the array seemed to fail way too easily. The first time, I was overclocking my CPU, which caused my PC to crash a few times. After several crashes, the computer booted up and displayed a screen saying "No Boot Device Selected". I looked at the RAID Configuration screen, and it said the RAID array had failed. Does a few computer crashes really cause a RAID 0 array to fail that easily? Now the second time it failed, it was even worse. I was having problems with the graphics card, as it was not outputting a signal to the monitor. I manually turned the computer on and off a couple of times by pressing the power button once, but not holding it for seven seconds. Usually just pressing the power button once gives the computer a nice, clean shutdown. Which it seemed to do. After tinkering with some cables and rebooting the computer, I was able to fix the graphics card problem. So I turned on the computer, and then the RAID Configuration screen popped up, saying it FAILED!! It said that one of the disks was a "Non-Member". Why in the world is it failing so easily?! I'm considering just having the two drives function separately, no RAID. If this kind of failure rate is normal, please let me know. :)
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    RAID requires intricate synchronization between the drives for it to remain together. Generally in office systems with higher end raid controllers with cache, it has time to write the data even after a crash, home systems not so much. RAID arrays are generally meant for something more stable, if you're going to be crashing you're going to continue to see this problem, which is why its not recommended for the boot drive. I have my data drives in RAID 1, even if my PC crashes my OS will still come up and I can resync them. Also of course my data is mirrored not striped like RAID 0.

    This is normal I would consider using them separately if I were you.
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