MSI GTX1080 GAMING X 8GB Compatibility with EK-FC1080 GTX water block

Hello guys,

This video card MSI GTX 1080 GAMING X 8GB is compatible with this EK-FC1080 product GTX GPU water block?

Video card:

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  1. couldnt find an answer on the web. maybe someone else will know, but i would strongly recommend contacting their support to get a definite answer since all of those products are so new.
  2. "EK-FC1080 GTX is a new Full-Cover water block, designed for NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 Founders Edition graphics cards" from here under the first pic

    the gaming x is not even close to founder's edition pcb. so i don't think it will work. the seahawk EK X has a full waterblock which means they may be making one for the gaming x eventually. but for now it is only FE cards.
  3. i had a feeling that was the case.
  4. No, it isn't compatible with that waterblock due to the fact that it has a custom PCB, which requires a custom water block to be designed by EK in order to be compatible. They DO manufacture these, although in the past they have typically been focused around collaborations with EVGA for their FTW and classified cards. Not sure if they are making an MSI Gaming X one as of yet, but afraid short of contacting them and asking, only time will tell, unless of course the Sea Hawk and the Gaming X/Z models have the same PCB which is highly unlikely.

    EDIT: OP has solved a problem by themselves which took 4 people and 6 posts to solve ^.^
  5. as i said, they already made a seahawk with EK block on it $809. i don't think the seahawk is FE based but custom as well since it has a 6 and an 8 pin power need. so a gaming x block may be coming soon. when? no clue. but "soon" :)
  6. So far liquid cooling seems to be POINTLESS since the good air-cooled cards are rarely even hitting a thermal bottleneck.

    It seems to be that the GPU doesn't have much overclocking left. It's not power stability, and it's not temperature which really just leaves the chip.
  7. so there you go. one is "coming soon". keep an eye out for it
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