USB to Cat 5/6 adapter or USB extender with USB hub - both at 25ft, which would have less input delay for gaming?

I'm trying to run a 25 ft USB extender or USB to Cat 5/6 adapter from my PC in the room to the TV in the living room. My main concern is in regard to input delay / latency at the specified length not data transfer speeds.

I'm planning to attach a wireless PS4 game-pad, wireless keyb/mouse to a hub at the end of the adapter going into the living room, and then use a separate 25 ft HDMI cable for video.

I already got word on the 5 meter limitation for USB 2.0, which requires either a USB hub or repeater for a smooth signal, but again, my main concern is input delay.

Does anyone have hands on experience testing these two methods side by side? Which is better?

I'm looking at these items:

USB to cat 5/6 adapter:

25 ft USB extender, no repeater:

25 ft USB extender with repeater:

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    The active cable would be your best bet. The cable with the repeater. Longer distances like that is always best to use some kind of signal boosting device. It may add a ns or something around that area but not much more than that.
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