Phanteks PWM hub cpu_opt vs cpu_fan?

I originally had the cpu fan header cable provided by the phanteks hub just plugged into my 4-pin cha_fan header, but have since plugged it into the cpu_opt header.

my cpu cooler is plugged into its default cpu_fan header.

Is there a better way to do this?

All that matters is im able to adjust the fans in the bios correct?

Asus z170A/phanteks enthoo evolv atx TG/cryorig h7
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    CPU_OPT should be the same as the cpu header(by that i mean it follows the cpu fan speed.).

    That board has pretty good fan headers unlike some that used to have voltage control on PWM headers.
  2. i just used a cha fan header for the hub and it seem to be much quieter. it tried using cpu_opt for the hub and even with Q Control it was loud so i switched back and it seems fine.

    Yeah its awesome, cant complain!
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