Watch_Dogs 4gb ram can run it ?

Hello guys, my pc:
AMD Phenom X4 B45 3.1ghz
GTX 550 Ti
I know that game requires min 6gb ram, but still i'd like to play the game. Could my pc run it like on 1680x1050 res on lowest settings ?
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  1. No, you can not run it.
  2. Another solution to see if your computer can run games would be to go to System Requirements Lab, look for the game you are looking for and then install a very small file to your computer. The website will then be able to tell you if your computer is capable of running a game or not.
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    RX480 said:
    No, you can not run it.

    There are several YouTube videos that prove otherwise.

    You just have to use appropriate settings, which depend a lot on what CPU and GPU you have and what res you play at. With your spec though OP, I would use low settings.
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