Windows 10 Pro 64bit World of Warcraft Mouse View BUGG! HELP!

I have like 10 hours of troubleshooting into this new Windows 10 Pro 64bit Issue. I recently upgraded from Windows 7 Pro 64bit before they are getting rid of the free upgrade option June 19th (Father's Day). Ever since the upgrade When I load in WoW the mouse is fine at first (Right click mouse hold for Mouse View to look around camera view) UNTIL.... any single keystroke is struck on the keyboard... then the Mouse Camera View spazzes out so hard and literally zooms out and looks up at the sky and spins in a 360 circular manner. It renders trying to Player VS Player absolutely useless. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have nearly 10 hours of trouble shooting and it all points to Windows 10 Pro 64bit BUG in the software. I have been on the phone with Blizzard, Logitech, Microsoft, and it all points to... Microsoft needs to release a patch / fix through windows update to fix this issue. My biggest concern is that they will get this done before LEGION drops on AUGUST 31. Please if ANYONE ELSE is experiencing this issue post here we need to get as many as we can to post about it so we can get Microsoft to release a fix for this issue. Or if anyone has ANY input on what you think may solve this I am all ears.

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    Just personally, This is what I would do.

    1. Remove the Hard drive that you have installed Windows 10 on ( win 10 is a buggy mess )
    2. install a new hard drive and install the originall Windows 7 load
    3. install programs, World of Warcraft, Etc.. Whatever else you want .
    4. keep the windows 10 hard drive in a safe place
    5. once they DO come out with a fix, pull out the Win 7 hard drive, re-install the Win 10 hard drive, apply fix

    This way, you can still play WoW without the issue, and you still have the free windows 10 upgraded hard drive for later use. There is NEVER a guarantee when it comes to MS putting out a fix for anything let alone making sure there is a fix in place by the time legion drops.

    Now this is how I would handle it IF I wanted the Win 10 upgrade, personally, I don't. I think it's a horrible mess of an OS, again my personal opinion. Windows 7 will be fully supported until 2020 and probably even a little longer given the low adoption rates of 8 and 8.1. I have had my biggest service month ( in terms of dollars ) over the last 2 months due to people rushing to get the free upgrade and then regretting it. Boot loops, missing data, lost recovery partitions, no available drivers, support for Windows 10 by other manufacturer's is also an issue. Good luck in your quest to get a fix....
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