PC Loses Signal to Monitor When Opening Games But Not During 3dMark

Please, please help. I'm getting so depressed.

I just built my own gaming PC for the first time. I put a whole lot of time and money into it. I finally got everything booted up, it was running beautifully, and it was getting great scores in Unigine Heaven and 3dMark. I did some slight tweaking to it: I enabled Game Boost in the BIOS to bump my CPU up to 4.4 and I turned up my GPU to run about 1900 to 2000mhz.

After doing all the benchmarks and stuff, I opened up Total War: Warhammer. It ran great for about 15 minutes. At that point, I ALT TAB out of the game because I wanted to check my temps in MSI Afterburner. My temps seemed good, the CPU was fluctuating around 40-50 degrees and my GPU was steady at 67 degrees. Then, when I clicked back on the game to resume, my monitor immediately lost signal. Now, every single time I try to open it, the monitor loses signal before it even reaches the game opening menu. The only way to shut it down is to hold down the power button, which causes me to worry that I'm damaging even more components. I then tried Fallout 4. Game opened up, seemed to run fine. I closed it down and then reopened it... and that too now causes monitor to lose signal every single time. Doesn't even reach game menus.

After all this, I ran the 3dMark stress test. It passed without any issues with a 98.7%.

I have tried replugging cables, plugging computer directly to wall socket, reset overclocks to stock values. The parts are all brand new so there shouldn't be any dust. My GPU drivers are up to date and my Motherboard BIOS are up to date.

I beg for help. Did I just spend $2,000 on a brick????

My specs are:

Cpu = i7-6700K
Gpu = GTX MSI 1080 Gaming X
Motherboad = MSI z170a Gaming m5
RAM = Corsair Vengeance 16gb
Cpu cooler = Corsair h100i watercooler
Storage = Samsung 850 EVO 250 and 1tb Caviar Blue HDD
PSU: 750 watt
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    To anyone who may read this, I have figured it out. The issue is caused by the latest Nvidia drivers and the Acer Predator xb271h monitor. Hopefully in the future, Nvidia's new drivers will solve the issue, but currently, the last driver compatible with this monitor is 368.22.

    Thanks to everyone who helped in this thread. *cough*
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