Motherboard probably faulty

Hello guys. I have Asus P5N72-T-Premium motherboard (775LGA). Im running Core2Duo E7400 CPU and 800MHz RAMs from Kingston, ATI HD3650 and HDDs. The problem is it was runnig all good. But after i had to backup some of my files from internal HDD to external it started to act strange. During copy it froze, I couldnt get even to BIOS. So I am here now. Cant get to BIOS. Fans spin, HDD starts up all is good. I tried to remove everything. Got only the mobo and CPU powered up.
At first it gave one long continous BEEP so I decided to restart it. After the restart it doesnt even do any sound of POST. So now Im wondering if it is faulty mobo or CPU. Thanks for help :)
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  1. Forgot to mention mobo has latest BIOS.
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