Is there any closed loop cooling system with 2 heatsinks ie one for cpu one for gpu?

I am looking for a closed loop system with 2 heatsinks one for gpu and one for cpu? That thing will sell like chips. at the moment i have one closed loop H55 for 680gtx (using kraken g10) and h100i for cpu.
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  1. Pair of scissors & some tubing will get you there; if you use tubing of an inner diameter to sleeve the outer diameter of the original tubing you will only need some additional coolant and a filling port like using a t-piece or something or connecting a reservoir as well

    so if your closed loop has say 8mm OD tubing get some 8mm ID pvc which would likely be 10mm OD and a few worm screw hose clamps other wise known as jubilee clips

    and you can extend the things any way you like

    Obviously there might be a problem eventually with the cpu block pump struggling against too much pressure drop if you add too many items to the loop. A res. and a gpu block is about the limit of what it would take and that could be pushing those beyond their design parameters

    I have got only a simple 12v dc submersible general pump that can operate above water too it just sucks the water in from the open top reservoir and blows it around my cpu block and radiator before returning to the res.

    It's pretty simple. I spent a lot of time unnecesarily messing about with couplers when all you need is to stuff smaller hose into bigger hose - get it?

    Then just secure it with a jub clip. You can use cable ties but jubs are better because you can unscrew them when you want to; plus, you will be diluting whatever fancy coolant is in the closed loop as you need to top it up because of the extra volume of tubing and gpu block etc.

    to get the air out

    And they might have slightly toxic additives so don't try and siphon it

    Some Zalmans for example employ copper nano particles

    and other garbage that generally employs the words 'poison center' and 'hospital'.

    Pretty easy if you don't try anything with fancy couplers. Stuffing hoses together and clipping them with jubs works great.

    I guess it's ok if you fancy an unregulated dose of minerals and complex molecules
  2. Short answer for what you are looking for in a boxed set....pretty much no. There was one a while back, but it was a single small radiator, so I would presume horrendous delta.
  3. Your absolute best bet is going to be the following...

    This AIO from EKWB - EK Predator AIO or EK predator AIO with quick disconnects

    Or this AIO from Swiftech - Swiftech H220 X2

    Then you buy either a full block for your specific GPU which would be ridiculously expensive for a GPU that outdated, or get a universal VGA block like this one from EKWB - Universal VGA block

    (very important that you do NOT forget that you will need fittings for a universal block. as well as a bit of tubing to add it to your loop)

    Either of those two AIO's are expandable, meaning they are powerful enough to accommodate adding another block or radiator to the loop, without any need to upgrade anything else, and both of them offer the ease of a Corsair closed loop AIO, though they are not closed loop.

    To add my opinion on this, you won't find exactly what you are asking about, there just isn't anything pre-made like that out there. I've heard very good things about the Swiftech I linked but I've never used them. My rig ALSO has an H100i for the CPU and an H40 and Kraken G10 for the GPU, but they are getting to be too loud and I just don't trust them anymore, plus I just upgraded to an MSI Gaming X GTX 1080 so I decided to go full custom loop with EKWB products instead of switching my Kraken G10 over to the 1080. I have most of the parts here now, and I have to say their build quality is just top freaking notch. They cost a bit more it seems but it was very worth it. I hope you figure out a way to do what you want to though, good luck man! :)
  4. So I stand corrected. They do make what you asked about OP, though I've never seen it before until about 30 seconds ago and I have no clue how they perform.... Looks awesome though. Here it is: AIO for CPU and GPU
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    Just another AIO. The issue here is that we're not getting away from the problem - loop TDP at load and cooling delta.

    Just 'liquid cooling' doesn't mean you are adequately accounting for the amount of thermal energy to be dissipated, here. Just having a liquid cooler doesn't make it an effective one with disregard to load and configuration.
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