No video output, doesn't appear to POST, no beeps, does beep if no RAM

I have a custom built computer which has worked mostly fine for about a year, but suddenly, one day to the next has stopped working. If turned on there is no video output. There are no beeps either. The CPU seems to get hot, and cuts off if I remove the cooler. The motherboard is a 990FXA-Gaming, and I've tried 3 GPUs, an nVidia 8800GT, an nVidia GTX 580 and an AMD R9 280X. None of them work, and I've tried them in all the PCI-E slots. If I remove the RAM, the motherboard does beep (3 long beeps indicate memory problem). When using an AMD card, the fans spin at a low speed, when using an nVidia card, it spins up, and slows down every 5-10 seconds. I'm also using an AMD FX-8120 CPU, and a Corsair CX600M PSU.

Would anyone have any idea why this may be? I've tried everything in the "PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about POST/boot/no video problems!" sticky, with the exception of taking the motherboard out.
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    I would say either your motherboard, or low quality PSU is the initial problem. Taking the CPU cooler off was not a good idea either. Hopefully your CPU did not get damaged by that move. Hopefully you properly reinstalled it, cleaning and reapplying thermal compound, in the process.
  2. After moving all the components to a new motherboard, it appears the motherboard itself was the problem. Most likely something wrong with the PCI-E slots or North Bridge. Taking the CPU cooler is fine as the CPU cuts out at ~90C anyway. The PSU was unlikely to be the issue as it works fine in the new motherboard and Corsair is pretty reliable. I did reapply the thermal paste as it is the only thing holding the waterblock to the CPU. :P
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