Screen not waking from sleep mode (tried common fixes)

Hi everyone,

I have a strange problem with my monitor. The problem is when I put my computer to sleep and then wake it up, the monitor keeps searching (Analog, Digital, HDMI, Analog...) while the computer seems to work (no curious noise or anything). At this point, unplugging the HDMI cable or turning on and off the screen does nothing, I can only turn off manually the computer.

When I wake it again, the MB logo appears, and Windows tries to resume itself to where it was before the shutdown. When it finishes loading, the screen once again goes black and searches for devices. At this point, I can only shut down the computer once again, and then Windows will offer me with 2 choices: either trying to resume, or erase resuming data and proceed with a normal startup. The latter makes it work normally, while the first makes the monitor goes black once again, which in makes kind of a sense.

So, where could my problem come from? It's as if the monitor was losing the graphic card when going to sleep... So far, I tried: changing the cable, adjusting power options both in Windows and BIOS, removing and installing new drivers, both for the monitors and the graphic cards and that's it.

I noticed something, if it matters, is at startup, while Windows is loading, and before reaching the welcome page, my screen turns briefly lose the image, for less than a second, and then displays the welcome page. I had already noticed this behaviour with keyboard or mouses, but never with a screen...

I use my computers mostly for making and playing games, which it does very well without overheating or crash or anything. Funny thing (idk if funny is the word) but before I moved out, and, I think (but can't guarantee) before I went to Crimson edition of my drivers, my screen NEVER acted this way. I could enter sleep mode and exit it without problem.
To finish, my setup is as follows:
-ASRock z97 Killer with i7-4790K CPU
-Sapphire R9 280X Tri-X OC with Catalyst 15.8
-Corsair VS 550 (80 Plus) PSU
-Samsung SyncMaster P2450 monitor
-32 GB Fury RAM
-And, if it matters, 2 WD HDDS

Thank you for your time!
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  1. that happens from time to time , it's a motherboard issue i think
  2. Ok... and what is it I have to do then? It's a 2 years old motherboard, and a quality one, so I'd expect there's a fix, rather than just a replacement to do?
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