Q9550S (!) on an ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 ?

I own an ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0, with the newest beta-bios (for 3.3GB Ram support).
Chipset: VIA PT880 Pro/PT880 Ultra
Momentarily, i have a Q6600 (SLACQ 95W) on it.
I cool it semi-passively with a Zalman FX100.

I just aquired a Q9550S (2,83GHz, 65W).
I'd like to put it on that board, which, although not specified for 1333 FSB, can at least use Wolfdales with 1066MHz FSB (as a Yorkfield is, basically, a Quadcore-Wolfdale, right?).

1 Question: What will happen at first?
Will it recognize the CPU? (not likely)
Will the system run at all?

2. Bonus Question:
IF it runs at all (and even if that means pressing F1 on every start of the PC):
Will i be able to force a higher FSB onto the CPU, i.e. "overclock" it to its intended level of 2,83 GHz?

Ragnar G.D.
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  1. It might or might not work.
    No worries though ... you can't ruin your MB if you try :)
    It will not boot and sound error beep in worst case until you put old CPU back
  2. No it will most likely not work. Just a little too old to take a Q9xxx chip. You already have the best chip from that era in there.

    As the FSB question, that depends a lot on the setting available in the BIOS, but since you have a low chance of success I am not going to crack open the manual and see what settings you can use.

    I know from other LGA775 and Q6600 overclockings that the better boards basically offered more FSB value settings then were needed.
  3. The PC rebooted without complaints, of course with FSB 1066.
    W98SE works, XP works, W10 64bit works.
    The Q9550S, even though at 2.23 GHz now, feels as fast as my old Q6600, und runs MUCH cooler, using a bit less (~8W) power idling, and much less (~25W) in stress test.
    Very good, so far, i could live with that.
    Still, i can't seem to increase the FSB.
    Even 10 more will make the system unstable, and 20 more will stop it from booting into any operating system.
    As the CPU can stand 2.83 GHz with 1333FSB out of the box, of course, it has to be some settings of the board.
    BIOS: L2.2e i think (latest beta, for 3.3 GB Ram)
    Other cards inside: GF 7900 GT 512MB AGP, Intel MT 1000 PCI, Soundblaster Audigy PCI.
    W98SE and XP each boot from an 120 GB IDE SSD as master(98)-slave(XP), W10 boots from a 120 GB SATA2-SSD on the onboard SATA2-controller.
    Two IDE-DVD-Drives on the other IDE-port.
    Onboard Sound and LAN switched off (although they work on all three operating systems).
    What i did already:
    - set the DDR2-800 memory from 667 (board maximum) to 533
    - locked PCI at 100
    - locked AGP at 33/66

    Unqualified guess: Memory locked to FSB, and then controllers freaking out? :)
    (I never overclocked in my life, i can't say... i need your help here... with what tools to look if this happens? GPU-Z?)

    I need help of pros, here. :-)
  4. can you try to change the multiplier instead of FSB ?
  5. n0ns3ns3 said:
    can you try to change the multiplier instead of FSB ?

    Neither do i have this option in the bios (i MIGHT be able to lower the multi if i switch off some energy saving options), nor do i think this would work here: This CPU is locked. I know there exist boards that can do this by some modified bios, but this board cannot. It does not have the image of being a great board for overclockers anyway... :|
  6. Best answer
    Then you are down to two options with this CPU:
    1. Leave it as is - enjoy cooler system
    2. Get some 1333 MB either for free or they supposed to be very cheap.
    Either way, it will not dramatically change the performance of your system.
  7. I did just that, in the end. Thank you all!
  8. I would not recommend doing this as the CPU itself is not supported.
    After reading the specs i can deduce that it will not work for several reasons but mainly because of the 1066 Mhz FSB which will cause the mobo to even take away 5% of your FSB when a quad core is installed. (read ASRock manual)

    Also, your CPU doesn't support Boost Tech and therefor your BIOS won't display manual speed adjustment options. If so, you probably will not be able to change to the lower setting of 1066 Mhz FSB thus causing irregularities in BIOS behaviour.

    The answer to your last question :
    No, your CPU does not support overclocking at all whatsoever. (nor downclocking either)

    I hate to say this but your CPU has been catogorized as 'abandon ware' and as such there is no longer offcial support for it despite the 20 year factory warranties...
  9. Thank you, ricardo. The PC runs with the CPU perfectly.
    For games, the GPU is most important, and as the GF 7900 GT 512MB AGP is quite a beast (for W98SE...), and the SSDs do help as well, this machine feels "fast".
    I already ran Borderlands 2 on it (on the W10 partition, graphics turned down a bit), and on W98SE everything is blazing fast.
    On the XP-partition, i played Stalker, and it was good enough (no graphic mods, though - it is still a GeForce 7... ;-)
    On W98SE it ran Half-Life 2, so this is quite ok.
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