Computer wont boot up after RAM upgrade (DDR2 to DDR3)

Hello, i know this thread was opened. But I can't find a way making it work. I bought a DDR3 Hi-Level RAM 1333 Ghz after applying the ram computer wont boots but with my old 2 DDR2 rams it works. No OS installed I cant install Windows either it always frozes on a random basis. I tried to remove my CMOS battery and replacing it but didnt work! Please help.

Edit 1 > Mobo is Gigabyte GA-G41M Combo (DDR 3 1333 mhz (o.c.) support.
Proc is Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
Gpu is Nvidia GeForce 7300 GS
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  1. What is the make and model/part number of the DDR3 memory trying to be used please?
  2. I'm going to assume you motherboard and chipset supports both DDR2, and DDR3. That is very uncommon but possible. Did you look in your BIOS for any settings related to this? Did you check your motherboard manual to see if any jumpers need setting. DDR2 memory generally has much lower latency than DDR3. Check the memory timing in your BIOS and set it to match the timing of you new RAM. It may be set too fast. DDR2 can be as low as 4-4-4-XX, fast DDR3 would be 7-7-7-21. If you're going from DDR2-1066 to DDR3 1333 they both run about the same speed. DDR2-1066 is slightly faster actually. It's hard to find and kind of expensive but might solve your problem.
  3. Brispuss here are my new ram and old DDR2's. The ram with the metal casing is the new DDR3 one

    William p well there are no such settings. I cant find a way making it work!
  4. The DDR2 you're taking out is DDR2-533, the CL4, and 4/1G is the CAS Latency timing. Run a program like CPUZ, or PC Wizard and look to see what timing you're running now.
    Go to and enter your motherboard in their memory search. They guarantee their kits to be compatible. This will give you a good idea if what you're trying will work at all. Just to give you some other options DDR2 also comes in 667,800, and 1066 speeds. So you can make big improvements without DDR3. Normal timing for DDR2-800 is 6-6-6-18, 1066 is that or 7-7-7- 21. Normal timing for DDR3-1333 is 9-9-9-??. DDR3 used to come in 800, and 1066 speed. Maybe that's what yours needs. I would just go with the fastest DDR2 you can get. It runs about one step faster than DDR3 clock for clock. With modern GPUs and DDR5 video memory it's not a big deal one way or the other. There are guys with dell T3400s running 7500 in Firetsrike on 4GHZ QX9650 and DDR2-800 memory. Thy're beating 8core AMDs with DDR3 1333.
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    Aimilance said:
    Brispuss here are my new ram and old DDR2's. The ram with the metal casing is the new DDR3 one

    William p well there are no such settings. I cant find a way making it work!

    Thanks for the clear photos of all of the memory. It does help!

    Unfortunately, for the Hi Level DDR3 memory module, detailed specifications have not been found. So it can't be confirmed whether this module is compatible or not with the GA-G41M Combo motherboard.

    The GA-G41M Combo supports up to 4 GB memory modules per memory slot (for a total supported memory capacity of 8 GB for the motherboard), so that is not an issue.

    Either the Hi-Level DDR3 module uses high density memory chips (which are not supported by the GA-G41M Combo), or the module is faulty, or there is a fault with the DDR3 memory slot (DDR3_1), or maybe some combination of any or all of the previous possibilities!?

    Make sure the DDR3 memory slot (DDR3_1) does not have any damaged or missing contacts. And make sure there is no dust nor debris within the slot also. Check these points very carefully!

    Try the Hi-Level DDR3 module in another computer that is known to support it, and/or try some other known compatible memory in the Combo motherboard. It might require borrowing another computer and/or some other memory for these tests.

    As mentioned by william p, could try any of the following DDR3 memory from Crucial, which are known to be compatible with the motherboard; compatible Crucial memory.
  6. The Hi-Level appears to be newer, found some reviews on a Turkish site, looks like it came out around 2011 so is probably made with high density memory chips which won't be compatible with the G41 chipset, I'd look for the GSkill NT series of Value DRAM which has low density memory ICs
  7. I looked up the G41 chipset under Intel Chipset Wikipedia. It shows the memory capacity as 8GB DDR2 667,or 800. it shows DDR3 4GB of 800, 1066.
    Of those options 8GB DDR2-800 would be the best. The speed will equal DDR3-1066, and the extra cpacity is more important. It will be much faster than what you have now. Yes look for low density memory with chips on both sides of the card. Crucial .com guarantees their kits to work.
    Overall system performance will be only a few percent slower than DDR3-1333. An extra $40-$50 spent on a GPU upgrade will make much more difference than memory speed ever will. I'm scoring 58%(7004)in Firestrike with DDR2 and an R9-285 GPU
  8. There are BIOS updates stating increased RAMcompatibility.Do you have the latest.version?Also Voltage can vary. The DDR3-1333 is listed as an O.C. setting. Are you going deep enough into your BIOS menus? Timing will have to match and volatge is different between DDR2-DDR3, and after market O.C. products can vary also. To overclock memory you really need access to those settings. The Gigabyte website lists memory voltages that are supported. Do yours match? You're not alone with this problem.
    Maybe remove DDR2, clear CMOS then try DDR3. It might detect the memory correctly instead of an "error".

    Crucial lists support for DDR3-1600 so you should be able to get it to work somehow. It won't run that speed but they sell those for it.
    Here's an old memory speed article showing test results of different memory speeds.
  10. Thank you everyone! It was a bit late because I was busy with something. I returned the RAM's and bought 2 2GB Kingston RAM's. Thank you again everyone.
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