Prime95 and normal usage cause black screen with restart

So, since yesterday my pc sometimes just goes to a short black screen to then reboot. I started investigating it and downloaded prime95 to see if some temps go to high but a few secs after I start the "Blend-Test" my computer reboots. Now I can't figure out if the log tells me anything useful or not cause I'm no expert concerning pc hardware.

My specs are:

Asus P8P67 Deluxe
Intel Core I7-2600k
Nvidia Geforce 580GTX
8GB Ram

Here is an open hardware log if that would help:
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  1. Shiroco,

    Welcome to Tom's!

    "Blend" tests memory stability, so if it crashes your rig, that would point toward an unstable memory module.

    Have you tried re-seating your memory modules? Even though memory modules are retained in their slots with snap clips, due mechanical tolerances and thermal cycling over time, modules can flex in their slots just enough to create poor contact.

    You can also clean the contacts of the module's edge connectors by using a simple pink eraser and a small, clean brush. Sometimes that's all it takes. Even gold plated contacts can develop corrosion over time. Always make sure to unplug the power supply from the wall when re-seating, removing or inserting memory modules.

    If you're interested in testing Core temperatures, then run "Small FFT's". Use Prime95 version 26.6 -

    Do not use a later version. You can read about it in Section 13 in the following Tom's Sticky:

    Intel Temperature Guide -

    CT :sol:
  2. First of all thanks for your answer. I tried the reseating/cleaning but it didn't help. But I noticed something that might point towards a faulty psu. When the resart happens it seems as if there's an power outage. Everything goes silent and after a sec or two everything goes back up and the system boots.
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