Creating New Build, Need Advice, For Gaming/Video Editing

Approximate Purchase Date: As soon as possible, No timeline necessary.

Budget Range: $1000 (After Shipping.) Preferably around $800 total.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: 1. Gaming, 2. Video/Photo Editing 3. Standard PC Usage.

Future proof: 3ish years?

Monitor: Not needed, Using Tv w/ HDMI

Need to buy Operating System. Thoughts on current WIndows 7 x64?

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg.

Location: Kadena AB, Okinawa Japan. US Military

Parts Preferences: Nvidia Graphics Card

Overclocking: No

Your Monitor Resolution: 32 Inch Flatscreen TV

Additional Comments: High Performance Gaming, Fast bootup times- Likely going to use SSD as well as HDD.

This will be my first actual build of my own, and would love some advice to assist with parts, pieces and what to buy. Currently at a loss as well as overwhelmed due to the variety of options at my disposal.

All help would be appreciated, really need guidance on what to buy!

Thank you!

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  1. At what resolution will you be gaming on?
  2. Trafalgar747 said:
    At what resolution will you be gaming on?

    1920x1080p most likely
  3. Bump, anyone?
  4. Best answer

    This is a good build that will be very good for gaming but not for overclocking as you wanted. If you disapprove anything let me know so i can make changes.
    As for your graphics card, an RX 480 ($200) should completely max out 1080p gaming but if you are planning of playing at 1440p in the future you can go for the GTX 1070. Though the RX 480 should also handle 1440p very well. If you want to spend your original budget since a RX 480 + this build should come to about $800 i can swap the processor out for an i5 6600k and increase your storage if you like.
  5. What's your thoughts on matching this with an GTX 960? Would that work?
  6. Yes it would but a RX 480 is alot more powerful. Its probably going to be almost or better than GTX 980.
  7. Thank you! Also looking for a case that you can see Inside of. Can u give me a few options that everything will fit in? Thanks again!
  8. You mean a see through plastic/glass kind of thing to see the components inside? How much do you want to spend on the case?
  9. Yes. Exactly!
    And prob around 80$
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