Computer freeze with sound stutter while playing games

Its happening since i built the computer. It got really annoying since i started to play competitive games. It freezes between 5-60 minutes when playing games. I have to hard reset the computer.
I have ran memtest, intel burn test and no errors.
GTA 5 doesnt last 3 minutes it just freezes.

R9 280 Dual-X
8GB Ram
i5 4590 (stock cooler)
Windows 10 (it happens on windows 7 too)
Zalman ZM700-GLX 700W PSU
Zalman Z11 Neo Case
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  1. Are you monitoring temperatures? If so, with what program?

    What settings/resolution are you attempting to play?
  2. Barty1884 said:
    Are you monitoring temperatures? If so, with what program?

    What settings/resolution are you attempting to play?

    I use MSI Afterburner. CPU is at 75 degrees when gaming. GPU is around 65-70. I play Rainbow Six Siege at very high textures and all other settings high at 1080P. I get 80+ fps on nearly all maps.
  3. I am going to buy either a Power Supply, CPU Cooler or a new RAM. Which of them would solve my problem?
  4. Before buying anything (although I'd replace that PSU if I were you), I'd suggest a couple of things:

    1. Have you stress-tested? You have CPU temps I'd expect to see in the stress-testing realm, gaming shouldn't push it that hard.

    2. Monitor your CPU/GPU useage via HWMonitor or similar. You might simply be pushing your card &/or CPU too hard.

    3. Try lowering your settings to Medium (again, just a test here) and see if the problem persists.

    I doubt you need new RAM, you've succesfully passed in MemTest with no errors, so there's very little chance replacing the RAM would have any effect.

    A decent aftermarket CPU cooler should get those temps lower - they strike me as a bit on the high side.

    3. A new PSU is recommended regardless. The ZM700 really isn't designed for full-scale gaming load.
  5. Lowering settings didnt solve my problem but i think it freezes later now. It doesnt freeze when i play games like Terraria. I think i am going to buy Corsair VS650.
  6. Looking at some complaints online with GTA V freezing, and the general causes seem to be some non-critical software running in the background (seems to conflict with a few different things).

    I'd suggest you close all running tasks/apps/antivirus (essentially anything non-Windows related) and see how it responds.

    If all goes well, then it's a matter of restarting things one-by-one and playing the game until you can identify the culprit.
    Doesn't sound like a quick fix unfortunately.

    As an FYI, the VS650 is worse than your current PSU. Where are you located?
  7. Ok now it happened again and i decided to wait. After a minute it restarted and it said its scanning C:. I also learned that my psu is not ZM700-GLX it is ZM700-LX.
  8. Now a red screen with sound loop happened while playing GTA 5.
  9. Best answer
    Well, it definitely sounds GTA V related now, opposed to any hardware etc.

    A quick google search loops me back to Tom's,

    Uninstall the game, and follow the instructions in there (GTA V launcher). Seems to fix the issue for others.
  10. Ok i will try.
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