AMD Radeon R7 240 Graphics Card Drivers problem.

Hey guys. I was playing League of Legends. I was getting constantly around 250-300 FPS, and I stopped playing it for a while. Came back and started to getting 100-150 FPS sometimes drops even to 60/70 FPS. Didn't had problem with this before, was using Windows 10. But submitted a ticket to Riot and they said League of Legends launcher is running on my integrated graphics card - Intel HD 4400 Graphics. When I bout PC about 2 years ago maybe less, I got 2 discs, and one of them had Intel HD 4400 Graphics card drivers, so I thought I needed them, since my disc isn't compatible with Windows 10 anymore I thought I still needed to install second graphics card drivers. So I have installed AMD Radeon R7 240 drivers and Intel HD Graphics 4400 drivers. Right now I don't use Intel graphic card drivers and uninstalled them long time ago by guide posted in this forum. Right now GURU3D doesn't detect Intel graphics card, but only AMD graphics card. So yeah guys, that's it. So right now I got answer from support staf and they said I need to rever my system to Windows 8 or maybe even Windows 7 because AMD Radeon R7 240 Graphics card drivers don't support Windows 10, and people are getting same problem like me when using not supported drivers on Windows 10 operation system.

I will atach dxdiag so you guys can help me with this problem. And maybe you can tell me what drivers should I install if I install Windows 8? What drivers is nesacerry for my dekstop computer to run properly?

My computer specs are:

I have Intel Core i3-4130 3400Mhz, 3MB, HD4400.
Motherboard GA H81M-S1
Dual channel 2x4GB (8gb) 1600MHz
Sweex Internal Card Reader ALL-IN-1 USB 2.0 Black OEM
Caviar Blue 1000GB, 7200rpm 64MB SATA3
Graphics Card Radeon R7 240 2048MB DDR3 DVI PCIE 16X 128bit HDMI
1.8M (PC->220V)

dxdiag is here:!34252&authkey=!APFwzd9_sbLVR0w&ithint=file%2ctxt

And one last question. Why I have integrated graphic card, if I dont need to use it? I disabled it at BIOS. I have better graphic card which was pre-built in my PC, I bought it like completed PC (didn't build).
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    step 1.-

    unistall al graphics card drivers whit driver sweeper


    enter to amd graphics card and DOWNLOAD DRIVERS AMD CRIMSON 16.1 FOR YOUR GPU.

    step 3.-

    upack the packege of the drivers crimson. UNPACK IT ......... /////DO NOT INSTALL THE DRIVER WHIT SETUP APLICATION/////

    STEP 4.-

    install drivers grafics card using , device manager administrator , right clic my pc or computer icon go to dvice manager , clic dysplay adadpter, ang raght clic video device----- update driver and the select the folder whit drivers crimson UUUUNNNPPPPACKKKKEEETTTTTT.


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