Huge system reserve problem and low storage

So recently I purchased an ADATA 480 GB SSD. To get windows onto the SSD I wiped my hard drive then cloned it onto the SSD with Ease US Todo Backup. I can now boot off the SSD and download stuff to it. However I noticed that I didn't have enough space to update a game on steam and when I look at my devices it gave me this: . I was super confused so I thought that I might find some answers in disk management but that only made me more confused because it showed me this: . My system reserved is huge at 137 GB and I also seem to have another 137 GB dedicated to nothing. As well as when I bought the SSD and first booted my computer off the SSD it said I had the 448 GB (447.13 GB) SSD that I had bought and now it says in my devices that it is a lot less. I am totally lost on what to do. Thank you for your help and time.
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    well the second 137gb is dedicated to your recovery files (windows install files) but that seems like a lot as usually its only about 10gb big. also not sure why your first partition is that big. as it should only be somewhere around 500MBs. best guess is somehow you copied the same recovery partition twice.
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