Doom 3 FPS incrase?

Si i have older LGA775 rig with Celeron D single core 2,66GHz and i am playing Doom 3 on medium settings on 1280x1024 and i want to squeze out a phew more fps.
Can Intel Core 2 Duo help me? Any core 2 duo will incrase fps?
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  1. What's your graphics card?
  2. As the person above said with a decent graphics card at that resolution there may be way to squeeze out a few more FPS even with an old Core 2 Duo. (still a suprisingly capable CPU) I also ask his question.
  3. This game is very demanding of the CPU so it's likely any improvement on the CPU will help.

    If that's not the exact same CPU it would still be pretty close.

    (and how can the total be worse than the single thread performance on a 1-core CPU... or any CPU?)

    You'd have to check your motherboard and see what's supported, however you can get something like THIS:

    Possibly similar on EBay.

    Here's the relative performance:

    For this game the total score is more important than the single thread performance.
  5. Well i have ATI Radeon X300/x550/x1050 128mb
    And i run my monitor max resolution in game.
    Games settings is all on low-medium.
    I was in Asrock webpage and my 775 bord can support Core 2 duo.
    And core 2 duo with 1,8ghz would destroy celeron D in terms of single core performance
  6. CPU dosent mean as much as youd think, but yes it DOES matter, look at me, im running a Phenom II (though it IS a 6 core at over 4GHz) "mated" to a EVGA ACX2.0 SuperOC and im not bottlenecking at 2K resolutions in doom on near-max settings with AA. with his setup a better GPU would still liely help alot, though there are other solutions that could be tried.

    That X300 is your worst offender.
  7. Yeah i know x300 is complete s#it.
    At least i have 300MHz GPU clock speed :D (i am loughing now)
    CPU should give an extra kick in overall performance.
  8. What FPS are you getting with that x300 ?
  9. SkyNetRising, i am getting 40-60FPS all the time but after playing hour i get FPS decrese to 30(maybe GPU heat and it lowers clock speed to survive) becouse that little x300 model have small realy small
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