Asus Maximus VIII Ranger can't find Windows 10 USB to boot

I just build my own PC, when i try to install Windows 10 the motherboard can't find it.

I have the Asus Maximus VIII Ranger motherboard, it only shows me the SSD as a boot device. I'v purchased the official Windows 10 usb, to install the OS.

I'v tried hitting escape, using other USB ports, shutting it on and off etc... Im fairly sure the PC knows the USB is there, when i plug it in the PC gets abit more noise for a sec or two.

Anyway i'v no idea how to get it to install from my USB, i thought i'd just have to plug it in and choose to boot from there :( Any help?
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    Well... after 3 restarts and shifting it to the USB3 ports it worked. So yea hehe, atleast it works ^_^
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