GTX 970 High Idle Clock speeds 1113/3505

Ever since a few days ago I've been at these high clocks speed at idle on desktop. There's nothing intensive open, I had prefer max performance on nvidia control panel selected but I changed it back to adaptive and nothing has changed. Anyone have an idea how I can get my clock speeds back lower again? When I look at Asus GPU Tweak it says my gpu speed is 104%
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  1. does it persist after a reboot? reinstall drivers. Mine did it once, driver reinstall resolved it I think, seemed to do it again a few days later, but then it just stopped...
  2. ^+1.
    Also run malware and virus scans, it's possible the system has fallen foul of something a little nasty.
    As a side note, some stuff hides in the Windows Temp and browser history folders, using something like Ccleaner every time you disconnect from the 'net usually culls these out.
  3. Hey thanks for the answers guys. For some reason I rebooted yesterday/ran anti malware and it changed nothing even when changing nvidia to adaptive power, and power mode in windows 10 to balanced instead of the high performance one I had. Well I put them back on maximum performance in nvidia and the high performance mode on windows again and rebooted.....and...
    I appreciate the advice a lot guys as I know next time I can reboot,and reinstall drivers if it happens again, this ish was making my room super hot lol. I think this problem was actually going on for like a month without me noticing. Thought the 60c constant temp was from the summer starting.
  4. Hey dudes, it actually started up again. But I went to task manager and saw something called "geforce experience capture server" and a few other nvidia ge force application tasks going. I ended all of them and it stopped. Anyone know why they were running? They usually don't, haven't saw them running without me opening that app before. There were like 8 geforce taks, if I open that app and go to shadow play or anything on it there's only like 4 normally. weird.
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    NVIDIA Share. End task in task manager. It kills shadowplay and re-opens it. Fixes the issue. I guess it has something to do with Desktop recording feauture.
    Try this from another topic :
    1.Go to shadow play overlay
    2. Hit the spoke wheels
    3. go down to "privacy controll"
    4. Select NO
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