Windows 7 Setup won't detect my SSD or HDD on my brand new build.

I'm currently trying to install Windows 7 to my SSD. When I go to install Windows stops and tells me to load the driver. Windows is not showing either my SSD or my HDD. When I go into my BIOS they are both there. My motherboard is a gigabyte z170 X Gaming 3. I looked into many feeds on here and I've tried many things but nothing's working. Everything to the Command in the windows screen and making sure the AHCI(think that's right). like I said, new build, new to computers, not sure what the hell is going on. Also my case doesn't have an internal optical drive cage so I'm using an external dvd drive(usb) to download Windows 7 off the disk (oem) Before I get into the listening agreement in the windows start up, it says i have no drivers (hard drives) to load windows onto. I'm using a i5 6600k.
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  1. From your motherboard manufacturer's website download your sata drivers to a usb stick. Then plug it in the computer you will install windows to. When it tells you to load the drivers browse to the location of the downloaded drivers (unpacked). You should be able to carry on with the setup.
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    I'd follow @bogdan's advice and use another flash drive with the appropriate SATA controller & chipset drivers for your model. You should be able to download them from the mobo manufacturer's official website. Another thing you could try is resetting BIOS. This will get your BIOS settings back to factory defaults, so it might also help you recognize the storage devices properly. Since this is a brand-new build, make sure you connect only the primary booting drive (I assume the SSD) to the motherboard while installing the OS. Otherwise, you will most probably encounter an OS confusion that would scatter the system files across all the SATA drives connected to the motherboard. This might cause you a lot of booting issues later on, so attempt to begin the Windows 7 Setup with only the SSD intact. After the installation is completed, plug the secondary HDD and reformat it through Disk Management .

    Here's a Windows Install & Optimization Guide, you might find useful.

    Best of luck! Keep us posted if you have more questions! :)
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