New Mobo / New CPU - Comp turns off after 20 seconds and mouse/keyboard/monitor diskdrive do not work

Just bought a new motherboard and a new cpu that goes decently well with it. Computer wont stay on for more than 20 seconds-ish and the color scheme on my corsair H100i cooler shows a bright red color before the moment of crash. Monitor doesnt recognize that it's connected, neither my mouse or keyboard, and the disk drive won't open.

Bought these new parts in the first place because my cpu was over heating (the INfamous AMD FX9590) and now the situation (whatever that situation may be) seems worse.

Tried: different ram slots starting with 1 stick.
reapplying thermal paste (the proper way)
Different outlets, and basic component start (minus most hardware)

Specs = CPU = AMD FX8320E (new)
MOBO = MSI 970 Gaming (new)
PSU = Corsair CS750M
GPU = AMD HD Radeon 6950 Twin FRZN
Ram = Old as hell, but 2gig's a piece x4
Cooler = h100i liquid cooler

Things to know:
This problem isnt new, its just gotten worse. My comp before new parts had a bad history of shutting down due to overheating and almost impossible to restart even after cooling to room temp (which is cool) New parts were supposed to help fix that.
Also, i changed the POWER settings and increasing max cpu to 90% from 40% and it immediately shut down and has not properly started since. (before new parts)
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  1. sounds like your cpu cooler is not properly attached, may want to look into that
  2. it is brother, i have been reattaching that thing endlessly on the old CPU, im a pro at it now. Plus that wouldnt cause none of my devices to work. i dont think atleast.
  3. NEVERMIND, Incase for those who are as stupid as i can be, i had not plugged in the PCI-express on my gpu. once i have screen everything sorted itself out quickly. Ty for the help
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