Where does this cable go?

Hello, I'm currently working on my PC, however, I've found this cable which I'm not sure where to connect to. I've tried to find different places in the motherboard but I still can't seem to find where does the cable fit. Since I'm a first time builder, please tell me if there are other cables that are misplaced in my build. Thanks :)

Images for the cable, motherboard and the fan controller

Cable - Comes from the fan controller in the case, it has a tag that's saying cable extension attached to it.
Case - NZXT Noctis 450
Motherboard - Asus Maximus VIII Hero
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  1. Hi, You'd connect a fan to it, if its cable is too short and it can't be directly connected to the fan hub.
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    If there are no fans that are not hooked up, meaning that all fans turn when you power the system on, then it's just an extra.

    It's a fan power connector, a PWM connector to be specific.
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