PC Turns on, Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse do not after changing CPU

Hello! I'm new because I just registered to see if anyone could help me with this problem.
I've searched the other posts before about their PC turning on but their peripherals weren't(i.e, no signal) but the solutions users posted over there aren't the ones that seem to work for me.

I just finished replacing my old CPU with a new CPU, and after plugging everything back in my peripherals do not turn on. The monitor receives no signal even if it is plugged in, the keyboard does not flash, nor does the mouse.

All the fans work though, the CPU/Chassis/GPU/PSU fans are all spinning. No irregular sounds either.

The process of taking out the old CPU was difficult. The CPU was fused into the heatsink, so it took a bit of force to take it out. Afterwards I put the new CPU in, reconnected everything, and now I'm here with a PC able to turn on, but the peripherals do not.

M5A88-V Evo Mobo
Sapphire HD 7790 OC GPU
AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz(4.1 OC) 6-Core CPU (new one, old one was 3.2GHz quadcore)
8x2 gb DDR3 1600 Kingston HyperX RAM
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  1. Hello... Anytime you change/move the hardware on the MB... you should do a CMOS battery removal (3-5mins) and reset/clear the MB CMOS (jumper/button)... Please check your MB manual/pdf for 'clearing/reseting the CMOS memory"
    *unplug your PS from the wall before doing this. B )
  2. haiperspet said:

    The process of taking out the old CPU was difficult. The CPU was fused into the heatsink, so it took a bit of force to take it out.

    That is a huge red flag right there. If the cpu got hot enough to FUSE into the heatsink then your board is toast and so is the socket and the soldering near it. If you could elaborate a bit more on that issue it would be helpful. It should never take force to remove a cpu from its socket, or a heatsink from a cpu, and there is a serious issue if it does take force.
  3. Hello... It is not ODD to have dried out thermal paste between the Heatsink and CPU... the Secret is to "Twist-Rotate & NOT pull" It's a common Science and Magic Trick B )
    Let's hope the Best here for him... and the Cmos clear does the Magic first.
  4. Yeah I guess I damaged my motherboard then. I normally don't individually upgrade my components and wait until I have basically a new set to build together, so I wouldn't know how to correctly do things. I saw the CMOS clear solution and wasn't completely sure if I were to replace the battery or just let the battery sit out.

    The old CPU fused because I had been using it for about 2+ years, so it would be quite difficult to remove it.
  5. Hello...? replace all your above "it's" with a noun please... the name of the item.
    What are you confused about... did you do the battery removal and reset ?
  6. Before replacing the CPU with the new one, I did not do the battery removal and reset. Afterwards when finding out that the peripherals were not working, I did the CMOS battery removal and reset, but I did not know how long to keep the battery out. I looked in my mobo manual for the jumper and did that, but it didnt work. Was I supposed to remove the battery first or after the jumper?

    Sorry I'm typing it, I'm reading it as the components in my head instead of it.
  7. Hello... First... cause if ya jumper with the battery... it will short the battery... makes sense? We want all the 'MB stored energy" released from that circuit B ) the CMOS hold all your previous hardware information... we want to put NEW information into it.
  8. Alright so I take out the battery first, then move the jumper from the pins 1-2 to pins 2-3 for ~5-10 seconds, then move it back. Then put the battery back in after 3-5 minutes?
  9. Hello... 3-5 min together... just to be sure B ) then change Jumper position and replace the battery.
    Plug in the PS and give it a boot.
  10. I didnt replace the battery, its 3 am my time so I'd have to get one first thing when I wake up. I just did the process of taking out the battery, changing the jumper position, waiting 3-5 min, then moving the jumper position back and putting in the same battery back in.
  11. Hello... Replace = (put back in) with same battery.... not a new one... LOL press the ON button please!!!
    Ok I will check back later... good night
  12. Oh haha! I did put it back in, but I still have the same issue. So I guess I have to get a new motherboard? I'll try again before I leave to get a new motherboard.
  13. Alright, so I went and bought a new motherboard (actually a newer model but older than current of the ASUS mobos, M5A99FX Pro R2.0) which has LEDs for the CPU, DRAM, Standby, Boot Up, and VGA(GPU?). After putting everything together with that motherboard and booting up, the VGA LED lit up and the Boot Up LED lit up, meaning that there was a problem. I didn't understand the VGA LED being lit because I was using the old motherboard with the same components except the new CPU and it was working just fine. The Boot Up I don't quite understand also.

    I have to add that my HDDs are in terrible shape and I haven't gone around to replace the main one I'm using. And during testing with the recent motherboard I just bought, the first boot something popped (sounded like a single firecracker pop I think) and there was a burning odor. Nothing on fire, and I couldn't narrow it down to what blew. The keyboard and mouse and monitor still did not light up either. In the end I feel like just building a new computer, reusing parts from this one.
  14. Hello... Just to test "Power up"... Typically CPU, RAM, MB, PS is all that is needed, (a GPU/monitor connection is not needed)... if "Power up" is good ( fans spinning and idle )... then add a monitor/GPU to read BIO"S messages or screens.

    If you use your nose... you will be able to determine what Part, the MB, PS, HD, etc... And where the "burning odor" is Still present and has the bad/damaged Component. "follow your Nose" B )
  15. The smell didn't appear anymore and everything seems to be working fine. I continue to get no signals from any of the onboard connectors to my keyboard, mouse, and monitor. I have disconnected the GPU from the new motherboard and powered it on, Boot Up LED and VGA LED still light up. The onboard connectors(no dvi/dsub/hdmi) still did not work for keyboard and mouse.

    I'm returning the new motherboard as it didn't seem much help aside from the LEDs, and I can't get to BIOS without signal, so I'm not sure what else I can do.
  16. Best answer
    Hello... No Keyboard lights usb is on the +5Vdc power line... from the MB AND Power Supply.
    1) Un-plug all USB connection's to the case/MB and ports... this will check for a "external short" to that circuit... Ok? re-power B )
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