Pc turns off by itself and starts again after 2 sec.

this only happens when im playing games (bf4, bfhl, nfs 2016, gta IV) and the tempratures are all below 60. How do i know if it's a power supply issue or the whole motherboard is faulty? any help will be appriciated.
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  1. calculate the power needed for you system in here :
    and then see if you have enough power to feed your parts (anything bellow the range could cause restarts and system falls)if your power is bellow the average calculated then you have to upgrade the PSU.
    another thing that could cause this is the Hard drive (if you using HDDs) some times bad sectors in HDDs cause restarts.
    the motherboard however could be tested by checking if there's any update for the bios or any other drivers.
    you can check the drivers by this software:

    you can find out if there's any BIOS updates available in the motherboard page on internet.
  2. What is your PSU brand and model? If you see your PSU in tier five below, don't even question if it is a PSU issue and replace the PSU.

    If your PSU is from tier four, such as the common Corsair CX/CXM, problems with those aren't uncommon.

    Having the system specs would be useful for determining if your PSU might be under-sized but unless you have a PSU under 500W, nominal capacity should not be an issue unless you have a multi-GPU setup.
  3. thanks for your answers guys. If you hover over my avatar you can see my specs. my psu isCooler Master G750M, 750 Watt. i didnt see it in the list but please check and tell me if i should change it.
  4. The Coolermaster G-series is in tier three, which means it should be a decent (but not great) unit. On forums though, it often gets compared to the Corsair CX which is in tier four.

    The simplest way to find out if it might be a PSU issue would be to put in a known-good high quality PSU rated over 500W (ex.: 520/620W Seasonic M12/S12-II or their many rebranded equivalents) and see if your problems go away.
  5. Thanks for your answer. I just wonder if it's the motherboard that's the problem, how can i know that my mobo is not faulty? i updated bios just now but is that all?
  6. There is no quick and definitive way of testing a motherboard, especially while there may still be doubts about the PSU: I could tell you to remove hardware and disable motherboard features until the PC stops restarting but that could be as much due to a PSU issue (changing the PSU load until the PSU quits acting up) as it could be a problem with the last piece(s) you have disconnected.

    Potentially questionable power quality undermines all other testing.
  7. So what you're saying is i should just start with changing the psu and see if the problem happens again? After updating my bios i played bf4 for a while and nothing happened. but it just happens randomly, sometimes it happens and some other times it doesn't temperature hasn't gone more than 57 degrees while gaming.
  8. i forgot to mention that my games are installed on an hdd, it's blinking very fast when im playing, could this be an issue? any programs to check the life of the hdd and if it has any problems?
  9. HDD issues would typically cause Windows to freeze when the HDD is being accessed and takes longer than expected to respond, not restarts.

    You could check the event log to see if you have a specific code associated with reboots but I suspect all you will find is a note about Windows not having shut down cleanly the last time with no sign of anything having gone wrong before that - that's how it usually is when the PSU randomly cuts out.
  10. thank you for your answers. where do i check the log? thank you.
  11. Run "eventvwr.msc" (or Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Event Viewer)
  12. i didnt get anywhere with it, where should i be looking?
  13. You are looking for a power or improper shutdown event in the "System Events" history and whatever came immediately before it. If there is nothing unusual in there other than the improper shutdown, then the power simply cut out. If you see drivers getting reloaded due to unexpected hardware state and other things like that before the computer restarted, then you may have corrupt drivers or failing hardware.

  14. i just got my pc shutting down again (after updating bios) and i checked the logs to find this here. Note: this is written on all the events where the pc just shut down.

    Does this determine that the psu is bad?

    this image didnt get attached to my last post. please check it and let me know what it means.
  16. This is just a generic message letting you know that Windows did not shut down properly the last time it ran. The lack of any other type of error messages in between implies that Windows did not encounter any anomalies prior to the random shutdown/restart. While this does not prove anything beyond reasonable doubt, it is typically caused by power-related issues.
  17. that's what i was thinking. i will be replacing the psu in a few days. Ill post here again to let you know how it goes. thanks for the help so far!
  18. Btw. whats a high quality psu? And how many watts should i have if im going to add a second graphic card in the future?
  19. Look at the tier list I posted earlier. Tiers one and two are what you should be aiming for. For a pair of GTX980, you should be aiming for 750-850W.
  20. i just bought one with 850 watts because i might add a second gpu in the future. btw, i got this virus in my pc that always opens a web page called can this be shutting my pc off automatically? because it only happens when im playing games, and i think it only happens at night. do you have a clue?
  21. I do not believe software can directly force the PC to shutdown, it has to go through the power management API to request a shutdown and that would usually lead to a prompt to confirm the shutdown or at least a normal shutdown procedure, not an immediate power cut.

    For the "gameloft" virus, never heard of such a thing. The only viral gameloft I know is about greedy micro transaction (if $50 for a practically inconsequential amount of in-game resources can still be considered micro) village builder games.
  22. Update: i changed the psu today to an EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2 Gold. They said it was one of the top qualities they had and that i can run multiple gtx 1080 on it. It's really hard to find out if its the psu that was the issue because it used to turn the pc off when there is a big load for a long time on the pc so im still testing. is there a fast way to find out? like a program that puts a big load on the pc or something?
  23. Just continue to use it , if you don't encounter issues , the PSU was the problem.

    The 850 G2 is a fantastic power supply , can easily handle SLI 1080's.
  24. Synthetic benchmarks like FurMark can peg the GPU at 100% load while AIDA or Prime95 can do the same for the CPU.
  25. thanks for your answers guys. can i run furmark and prime95 together? and for how long?
  26. When a questionable PSU is the issue, the shutdown or restart can be anywhere from instantaneous to several minutes for the PSU to warm up. When the issue is flaky hardware, the crashing might only affect specific functions which synthetic benchmarks may miss. If it is overheating, then it can take a few minutes.

    Mileage varies depending on the exact nature of the issue.
  27. you're right. i still have a guarantee on the old psu and i can send it for a check for about 15 bucks, im gonna do that and i really hope they find a fault in it, because if not, i will be lost in the cpu, motherboard or even ram. they can do restarts/shut downs right?
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    Just about any component can potentially trip a protection somewhere that will either cause a reset or shutdown.

    Second-guessing your PSU while attempting to troubleshoot everything else is rarely fun.
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