I don't know where to start...

Computer was working fine,

I purchased a water cooling kit and I fitted it up yesterday, when finished I went to power the system on and I csnt get my head around the problems

The GPU isn't receiving power, neither is the external fan controller but if I used the same molex that the working leds are plugged into and plug the fan contoller into it, it still won't work. The motherboard is receiving power and if I plug the fans into the motherboard fan connections they work....

I'm at a loss with what's going on?
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    It's possible that the PSU is no longer powerful enough now that you've added a water cooling kit, especially if the PSU was only "borderline" sufficient before.
  2. What make and model is your PSU?

    Also can you provide details of your system please?

    So the motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM all other peripherals attached etc? Thanks.
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