Computer all of a sudden being really slow then fast again what is going on

So i went away for the weekend and came back yesterday and all of a sudden my comp seems to be freezing and taking time for things to load like ages and then it just speeds up again after a few mins of being stuck loading what is going on i have a i7 3770 and a msi gtx 970 so this should not be happening 16gb of ram and a samsung 500gb ssd and this all of a sudden just started happening i noticed it yesterday and it did not bother me then just now i logged in and i tried to open crome and it took ages to load and froze my comp and then it unfroze and froze again then after like 5 mins it starts working like it use to again any ideas what could of changed?
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  1. temps, cpu and gpu, and clock speeds.
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    13thmonkey said:
    temps, cpu and gpu, and clock speeds.

    temps of cpu are around 40 idle gpu trhe same 40 idle clocks of cpu are around 1604 to 3910 always changing and gpu at idle is 135mhz 324 mhz i am listening to music and on league client aswell, i check all my connection of my ssd and psu and i think its working now i have rebooted a few times and it seems to of fixed it i was having a error message upon boot
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