[Help] Bought 8gb of RAM 5 months ago (Had 2gb before) Im having stuttering issues, explained in post.

5 months ago I bought this kit: of 8gb of ram. Upgrading from 2gb.

According to the specificacions of my motherboard: a p5q3 Deluze/Wiki-Ap ( It says it can take up to 16 gigs of ram.

I've been having sttutering/lag/screen freezes for about a month, no previous issues the 4 months before, pc runned smoothly. Today looking up the pc resources monitoring I noticed something strange: Im using around 3 gb of ram whith minimal programs open and It gets to at least 4.7 gb when playing and having chrome open. (Right now, with only 2 FIREFOX tabs of this forum opened im sitting on 2.13 gb)

I haven't upgrade any other component nor change any in-game settings of both league of legends and counter strike yet I lag at both and it's aparently not an internet provider problem. I know that chrome uses a lot of resources but how is it possible that before I upgraded I could have Skype + Chrome with music on youtube + league of legends/CSGO running smooth with only 2 gb of RAM. And now apparently I can not even browse on the internet with that 2gb?

May this be a problem of the RAM cards?
I mean, in my noob opinion, if skype + youtube on chrome + League of legends worked smooth at 2b of ram. It should not be taking more than that just to run firefox/chrome now.

May it be what you guys call a memory leak?
I dont know I need some feedback, any suggestion on what could be causing that lag and any question of tests you need me to provide will be done as fast as possible, thanks a lot beforehand for helping me again.

Extra info: windows x64
CPU: Intel core Duo CPU E8500 @3.16Ghz 3.17 Ghz
Graphics Chipset: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series (Current version: 16.5.3, Last version: 16.6.1 beta)
All the RAM process atm:
CPU ussage spikes when not playing (while alt tabbing and writing this post):
Cpu ussage using paint and opening the png:
I notice that I lag much more when I have skype/browsers on while playing.
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    Hello... 1) As a "simple test" disable your Pagefile.SYS in Windows and re-boot.
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