HDD led indicator on case question.

Hey guys, almost done with my first build, just had a quick question. I have an nzxt s340 case which has a hdd indicate on it, I have not installed my os yet, I haven't even hooked it up to a monitor yet, waiting for my graphics card to get in, but I have powered it on and the power led works and all the fans come on also. My question is should the hdd light be on, or will it not start blinking till I actually boot into the bios and install my os?
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  1. When there's hard drive activity it'll show you.
  2. Anonymous said:
    When there's hard drive activity it'll show you.

    That was my question, there shouldn't be any hdd activity yet right?
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    No, there's activity when it reads or writes. You will also hear the actuator arm get to work.
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