HP Z400 mobo front panel pinout request (and RAM question)

So i bought his deal:

Its a 6 Dimm HP Z400 workstation board (That came with CPU and RAM). I got the front panel power button on the bottom row (5th and 6th pins on the bottom row) and able to turn it off and on that way. Got that far by trial and error, but stumped on the rest of the pins for HDD LED and power led. Honestly id be just fine with Power LED but trial and error didnt get me anywhere with that either.

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks

Should be the same across the 4 dimm version and 6 dimm board versions i imagine.
HP Workstation Z400 586968-001 586766-002

Thanks in advance!

update: so i verified the sticks of ram this board has are DDR3 10600, which is 1333mhz. But it seems to only recognize at 1066 according to CPU-Z. Thought 1333 would work? Why is it downclocking?
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    Think ive figured out why the RAM is only running at 1066 at least. The w3550 Xeon only supports a max of 1066mhz RAM, so the RAM is running at the max speed for the processor. I also checked the better Xeons for the socket, like the w3690, and they specify they support 1333mhz RAM, so i think the holdup is what the CPU can support. Will see an improvement in RAM speed in a future upgrade then im sure.
  2. My build thread for this system on the overclockers forums in case anyone is interested. Ive sorta given up on the front panel pins, the power button working is good enough for me.
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