Plz help game stuttering after sometime on gtx 969

While playing games on my gtx 960
Games starts to stutter after some time..... Sometimes there will be no stutter... Temps are at 65-70
Plz help
My system
Gtx 960 asus strix 4gb gpu
I5 4440 cpu
Coolermaster hyper tx3 cpu cooler
8gb ddr3 1600 hyperx fury red
Vs550 corsair powersupply
Asus B85M-Gamer Mobo
Deepcool kendomen ti cabinet
Cpu temp 60-69
Playing farcry primal and batman arkham knight
I dont what is the problem
Plz help
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  1. batman and farcry stutter on far higher end systems then yours. Not sure what to tell you but to turn down the settings till it stops.
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    Has this just started to happen? If it's new. it's likely fixable. If it's always been that way, you may just have to lower settings.

    What settings/resolution are you playing at?

    Assuming settings/resolution are reasonable to expect from your hardware, there are a few potential culprits:

    1. A GPU driver issue - you can fully remove & reinstall and see.
    2. OTher driver related issue - as per GPU drivers, can remove & reinstall
    3. A PSU not providing stable power - the VS is not the best, but also far from the worst. Accurately testing at home is difficult, so probably best to check everything else first. If no improvements, then look to the PSU.
    4. A bottleneck. HWMonitor is a great tool. With it, you'll see whether either the CPU, RAM or GPU are 'maxing out' at 100%. If one of those are hitting 100%, you're limited from a hardware standpoint and will need to lower settings to avoid stuttering (I'd suggest airflow improvements too, but your temps - assuming they reflect 100% load, such as a stress test seem reasonable).
    5. An unknown, software related issue. A clean install of your OS is always an option, but unless it's years old or an 'upgrade' to Windows 10, it's not likely necessary in all but the most random of situations.
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