GTX 980 XB270HU Acer issue; Monitor losing signal after period of time.

Hi there,

I have a xb270hu Acer monitor and a 980 GTX graphics card, I have not been having this issue in the past and it is very recent.

I will be playing overwatch, (already played many many hours without this issue) and all of the sudden my screen will go dark and say "No signal. I also get a notification noise from windows 10, when my monitor will lose signal. I will stay connected to the game, and I will be able even to talk to my friends. But the only fix is restarting my computer, which the monitor then instantly works.

The drivers I have install have all been working since the 23rd of May.

Anyone familiar with this sort of issue?

Thanks in advance
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  1. It is quite possible that you are having gpu driver crashes. Try rolling back to a previous version or updating to a newer version and see if it fixes the problem.
    Use DDU to uninstall you drivers for your gpu completely (in safe mode).
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    I didn't quite find an exact solution, but the problem seems to have stopped happening after swapping my DisplayPort connection. By swapping I mean, I took the end plugged into the monitor, and plugged it into the computer vice versa. This seems to have solved it as well as restoring my Nvidia settings to default.
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