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What in your opinion is the best air cooler, just performance wise. I am building a new pc and really want to build around a air cooler for some reason. I was going to go tu100 and a tiny build but might hold that one off until Zen APUs come out. I am thinking the 400c ( feel free to recommend cases) looks fantastic for 3 front 120 intakes and a 120 rear exhaust and two top mounted 140mm to exhaust.
A few air coolers I have seen... I am a bit of a temperature Wh*re and I live in a very hot climate so water cooling with a tonne of rads... idk i'm ranting, please insert your opinions below on air coolers.
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    The suggestions for air cooler will be somewhat governed by the TDP of your CPU and the sort of loads you're going to subject it to. If you are going to render on it for hours on end like with apps like 3DS max, Autocad and vray plugins for Sketchup then you're going to need an air conditioner to cool the room as well. You've pretty much laid out all the tower styled coolers in the opening post but if you're cooling a low TDP CPU or a CPU that won't see any overclocks will apparently have too much money spent on an aftermarket cooler and that means less balance in your build.

    In short, can you please pass on the system that you intend to build and you will see the rest of the community chiming in with suggestions for air coolers. Given the parts, you may even be able to pull off low profile coolers and also sway you towards building that nimble system after all ;)

    * Good air coolers work by the help of the movement of air so you can also slap on some good static pressure fans on a pseudo bad heatsink and see favorable temps but that just means more increased capital/investments.
  2. I really would like to sell my pc and build a zen apu build in a tu100/tu200 mini itx buid or a evolv itx. or a fx zen line and 480...
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