AMD Radeon R7 370 series (trying to solve restart problem on pc)

Hello guys, my pc restarts sometimes when I'm watching a video or playing a game. Someone suggested it might be a voltage problem. See I'm kind of new on this so idk what it might be. It doesn't even give me a blue screen or anything before restarting, it just does.

But anyways. This is my current card info:

idk if this is enough to get some help from you guys so ask for any other info. I noticed I can not change the "CPU Voltage" option which is what I was after, anyone knows why? won't let me change it on "Msi afterburner" either even after checking that option on its settings.

Also, anyone knows what values should I put on anything else to be optimized? I mostly play games but anything that helps me with the restart problem (aparently due to wrong voltage) would help. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Also, where it says "GPU Clock" it's back to 995 and 1400 MHz, not 0 and 0 but I didn't change anything. Must have been a visual bug.
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