I have core i3 processor NVIDIA GT610 & 4GB DDR3 ram will Far Cry 4 run in my PC

I have core i3 processor NVIDIA GT610 & 4GB DDR3 ram will Far Cry 4 run in my PC
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  1. sadly no, that GPU is well below the minimum specs the RAM is minimum, that came might not even open, or you would have unplayable results.
  2. It has no trouble running with only 4Gb (well maybe after hours of playing) also with a low GPU it's playable at low resolution and settings.
    Although with more action on screen it will tank.
    You will probably have to edit the settings xml before running it the first time to make it run at a low resolution,otherwise you will have to wait through the whole ~20-30min opening of the game with under 10fps.
  3. Well definitely not worth playing on that setup
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    Yes but partly,
    I think you will be able to run the game on lower resolution like 1024x768 or below lowest or low setting
    10-25 fps and the game will be able run but it won't be that playable , having that gpu is not intend for gaming, you should buy a gtx card like a minimum of gtx 750 to play with good setting at better resolutions your gpu is not intended for gaming.

    For your convenience I had included the system requirements of it. the min requirement is gtx 460 when comparing gtx 460 and gt 610 you call see gtx 460 is a clear winner but they vary only slightly so it will definetly get started but you won't have a good gaming experience
  5. heck no, just pay $120 for a 750 ti and you should be good.
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