Shipping motherboard in luggage tomorrow - Should i remove the CMOS battery?

So I talked to the flight customer support and they say lithium batteries are not alllowed. Is CMOS battery problematic in this case or they shouldn't mind it?
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  1. I doubt they even know it exists in the computer and it's very small and low power to matter. Even laptops and tablets have one and is not removable in most cases.
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    I doubt very much that the CMOS battery is of the Lithium type. If you have the battery type number or can remove it briefly to read its label, I suspect you will find it is Alkaline. BUT removing the battery might reset your BIOS, so maybe don't do that unless you must. You might be able to read the label text on it without removing - need a good light and maybe a magnifying glass.

    If you have to remove that battery, first you should make a note of all the custom settings you have made in BIOS Setup so you can restore them after a reset.
  3. I've transported a motherboard in my carry-on before and it was no issue.
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